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Buy or Build a Home If you want to own a home, but can’t get a mortgage from a private lender, you may be eligible for a loan from USDA Rural Development. We can help many people achieve the dream of homeownership.


No Down Payment, Monthly Payments Based on Income Loans may be made to buy an existing home, to build a new home, or to buy and prepare a lot for

new construction. Or funds can be used to refinance an existing home.


In some areas, USDA Rural Development partners with nonprofit organizations to help families build their own homes, reducing the overall cost of the mortgage. The nonprofits provide participants with technical assistance, including homeownership education, loan packaging, and construction supervision. USDA partners with lenders to provide the most affordable mortgage options. Contact your local USDA Rural Development office to apply for assistance.


Have you had trouble qualifying for a traditional home loan? Then why not apply for a government backed USDA Home Loan. Approved and backed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, these loans are specifically designed to help build many of Arizona’s smaller rural communities.


Advantages of seeking a USDA Loan to Finance Your Arizona Property Include:


  • NO down payment – Finance 100% of your home
  • NO maximum loan amount in Arizona.
  • NO assets needed to qualify
  • Flexible credit guidelines
  • Competitive, fixed interest rates so payments do not increase
  • USDA Loans are for new and existing properties


Do not let the word Rural Development Loan fool you. Sure, these loans are aimed at helping smaller communities thrive – but this does not mean that you have to buy farmland. Available for a variety of homebuyers, properties located all throughout the state of Illinois are USDA Loan eligible.

Posted by Nathan Rufty on January 15th, 2020 2:02 PM



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