California offers many Down Payment Assistance Home Loan Purchase Programs:

California Down Payment Assistance Programs

Looking to purchase a home as a first time home buyer (has not owned or been on title of a home in the past 36 months is defined as a first time homebuyer) and needing a little help with the down payment of closing cost, explore the many types of down payment assistance home loan programs available in California. Purchasing a home make more economic sense today especially where the cost of renting today, purchasing and owning a home in some parts of California cost less than renting. 


Here are some of the most popular and widely used Down Payment Assistance Home Loan Purchase Programs in California:

  • CHDAP - California Homebuyer Downpayment Assistance Program
  • Platinum Program - Provided by the National Homebuyers Fund
  • Daisy Program
  • HUD GNND - Good Neighbor Next Door Program
  • Dream Maker Grant for Veterans
  • There are many down payment assistance home loan programs offered by Cities, Counties and the state of California

To see if you are eligible for one of these many down payment assistance programs to purchase a home in California. Click on the logo below and that will take you to a site where you can start the process to see what programs are available for you to take advantage of.

Buying a home should be an exciting process, do not let anyone or anything from holding you back to explore the possibility of a owning a home. My goal is, when I speaking to anyone looking to purchase a home, is to explore every avenue to make that happen. If you can not purchase a home now due to credit, income or funds to close escrow, we can draw up a blueprint to ensure we address what steps you will need to take to become a homeowner one day.

If you have the credit and income to buy property but lacking in the area of funds to close on a home purchase, we can address that concern, there are ways to find money to buy a home. One of the ways is with a down payment assistance home loan program. Click on the logo above and see which programs are open for you to applying for. Also, below is a sample video example of how the program works and how to negative through the DPA website. 

If you pass these requirements and looking for a home loan that will benefit with the down payment in California, then utilize a down payment assistance loan program. I welcome the opportunity to speak with you about homeownership. Contact me via e-mail at or by phone at 909-503-5600 today and I will be more than happy to help answer any questions and tailor fit this program to work for you.
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