Which Home Loan Program is best for me to utilizing when buying a home in California?

Home Loan Programs in California
Purchasing a home in California is a big decision to make in one's life, may be the biggest decision that we will make. There is a lot of emotions when looking to purchase a home, you will have the loan process and the purchase process. That is why it is imperative that you work with a team of professionals that only has your best interest in mind. This is your decision to purchase a home and having all the right information and feelings when starting the process is the key to a smooth and exciting buying process.

The first step in the home buying process is to contact a Licensed Mortgage Professional (such as myself) to secure your financing of the home. It is recommended to start with the financing so that you know if you can purchase a home, what program will work with your budget, how much money will be required to make the purchase with the down payment and closing cost. Starting with a real estate, he or she will inquire if you have been pre-approved to purchase a home if the answer is no, then most likely the agent will not show you any homes until you have a pre-approval letter in hand.

Knowing what you qualify for will direct you in the areas that will meet your budget in your home search and you will know what your monthly mortgage payment will be and the out of pocket cost to purchase a home. If you are unable to purchase a home now, you will at least know from the loan officer what steps you will need to take to become a lendable homebuyer.

Explore all the purchase home loan programs, the pros and cons of each loan program will help you decide which loan will work for you. Programs such as VAFHA, Conventional, High Balance, Jumbo (over the county loan limit) USDA, Down Payment Assistance, HUD 184, Home Loans with and without mortgage insurance, knowing and understanding the particulars of each loan program will make the home buying process much easier for you when search for a home.

So before you beginning your home search, call me at 909-503-5600 and let's start with the loan program and see what your budget will allow you to purchase. With the ever-changing mortgage guidelines, it is important you work with a full time, knowledgeable and licensed mortgage professional that has your best interest in mind.