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Owning a Home!

December 11th, 2011 9:30 AM by Nathan Rufty

You may be hearing a lot in the news today that in some markets it is cheaper to own than it is do rent. What is holding you back to purchase a home and make a payment that will benefit you on your taxes. Well lets answer some of the questions that are holding you back.

  • My credit is not the best at this present moment, then stop delaying and starting the path to improve your credit scores
  • I do not have money for a down payment, you can find sources to gift you the funds, savings, retirement plan, sale something, tax refund, etc we can discuss ways for the down payment
  • Do not know what I can afford, that is where we come in to discuss this options with you
  • I do not feel comfortable with the economy, who does but you have to live somewhere and pay rent, if you default on the rent that still can damage your credit, get over what you hear in the media, this is the best time in modern times to purchase a home
  • You have to live somewhere, make that somewhere your own
  • Where do I start, start here by call 909-503-5600

Just explore the option of purchasing a home, make that first step towards home ownership. Does not hurt to ask, that is what we have been always taught, well ask!


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Posted by Nathan Rufty on December 11th, 2011 9:30 AM



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