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How to pick the best loan officer in Ontario CA for a home loan

February 22nd, 2015 4:04 PM by Nathan Rufty

Planning on buying a house in Ontario, CA and looking to work with the best licensed loan officer to help with your home loan? Here are some traits and characteristics that you should be looking for when choosing a loan officer to facilitate your home loan needs.

Purchasing a home is a big step and working with the right mortgage professional will make the process an exciting one. These are the things you should be looking out for when deciding on your team.

Is the individual properly licensed to handle your loan needs, each loan officer must be licensed to discuss loan programs and interest rates, they will have a NMLS number, ask them for theirs before deciding to work with him or her, my NMLS # is 292056.

Are they knowledgeable in most all the purchase home loan programs that are offered today, such as FHA, FHA 203K, FHA EEM, VA, VA EEM, Conventional with 3% down, USDA-RD, Down Payment Assistance loan programs through the city, county and state bond programs, 1st time home buyer programs,  HUD 184 Native America program and CalPath home loan program.

Do they have a presence on the web so you can research to ensure they have the skills that you should demand when working with a loan officer. Google the loan officer's name and see what comes up, that will indicate what skills he or she posses and how dedicated they are to their business and craft. The last thing you want is working with a part time loan officer.

Can they communicate on your terms, such as phone, text and emails. How quick they get back you. Communication and customer service is the most key component in working with a professional. Calling, texting and emailing for status updates or questions you have should not take 2 days to answer.

Do they have a team to assist with the process of your loan if the loan officer is out sick or on vacation. You need an alternative staff member to contact just in case your primary point of contact is out of the office for any reason, their is no need to wait for their return. 

Is the loan officer close to you or at least in the same time zone, working with an online loan officer may not deliver the quality of service you deserve. Local is best, since that loan officer should know state specific loan programs that you can take advantage of or a local lender may have loan programs other lending institutions do not offer.

When purchasing a home you deserve and should demand to work with the very best our industry has to offer. Working with seasoned veterans does not always mean the best, interview your loan officer to ensure he or she meets all your checklist of needs regarding a home loan.

I welcome the opportunity to be your local knowledgeable licensed loan officer in Ontario Ca. I can be reached by email HERE or call / text me at 909-503-5600.

by Nathan Rufty  

Posted by Nathan Rufty on February 22nd, 2015 4:04 PM



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