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Do you need a Real Agent to sell your home or become a For Sale By Owner

March 30th, 2013 9:02 AM by Nathan Rufty

Looking to sale your home without a licensed Real Estate Professional, then lets look at the items below that might help you sell you home. You do not need a real estate agent to sell a home and sure don't need one to buy a home. Historically, about 20 percent of annual house sales are direct purchases between the buyer and the seller.

Buying directly from an owner is just as easy as buying a home with an Real Estate advising you. The main difference is you will have to education yourself on several key logistical steps and you will want to work directly with several experts, just as an agent does. Here's how to have a straightforward, cost effective transaction as a for sale by owner:

  • Price your home according to the recent sells in your immediate neighborhood, do not over price your home or it will sit for some time, I can work some comparable in your area to determine a good sellable price
  • Always have your home clean, dusted, lawn mowed, pool cleaned, you get the point
  • Fix any items that you know of because they will certainly come up in a home inspection or the appraisal report by the new buyer
  • Do a Termite inspection, most local companies will do it for free or at a very low cost
  • Hold a open house with directional signs on the weekends, like yard sell signs, I welcome the opportunity to assist with your open house to pre-qualify a buyer and strategically place signs to our open house
  • Have Open House flyers in a For Sale sign in front of the home, I can also work on the open house flyers for you and the sign
  • Work with a local direct Mortgage Lender such as myself to assist with the loan process on the new buyer, no commission to me
    • I can assist with the legal documentation
    • Walk with you on the buyer needs
    • Update on the buyers progress of the home loan
  • Save the commission towards Real Estate fees of 3 to 6%

I am offering my services and contacts to help you sell your home at top dollar and as quickly as you want. I can do flyers, marketing on the internet, hold open house, pre-qualify to purchase a new home once you sell yours. This is a sellers market, if you just hold 1 open house and do it right by pre-marketing, advise your neighbors so they can tell family, friends, co-workers about their great neighborhood, you will have the traffic in one weekend and sell your home. We have have tons of buyers looking for homes and not enough inventory, demand is going up. We are not even in our buying season yet, be there in a couple of months. 

So if you are looking to seel your home on you own, call me and let me bring my 20 years of lending experience at no cost to you and sell your without the use of a Real Estate Agent. I look forward in hearing from you at 909-503-5600. Nathan Rufty 

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Posted by Nathan Rufty on March 30th, 2013 9:02 AM



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