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How Soon Can You Buy a House After a Foreclosure or Short Sale

January 4th, 2015 8:58 AM by Nathan Rufty

Buying a home in California after a Short Sale or Foreclosure can be as little as 2 years utilizing the VA home loan purchase program with no money down!

After 2 years of having a short sell or foreclosure on your primary home, you can purchase a home utilizing the VA home loan with no money down. Explore the opportunity to own a home again after you had a small hiccup on a previous home. The previous foreclosure could not have had a VA loan on that property, if so need to reinstate your VA eligibility in order to use this type of financing to purchase a home.

This time around you have licensed mortgage professionals in the market place, like myself to guide and present you with options on purchasing a home with a fix rate for 10, 15, 20 or 30 years. The VA program is available for active and retired military personnel the opportunity to own a primary home with no money down. 

Need to have active verifiable employment and have an overall credit profile that meets current VA underwriting guidelines. Do not get discouraged on what you hear on the news, from friends, family or co-workers, speak to a direct mortgage lender who lives and breaths this business everyday such as myself who knows and understands the VA home loan program. I would like the opportunity to explore and exhaust all avenues to place you back into homeownership status.

And if we can not make offers today, then lets get you in a position down the road where you can make an offer on a home in California.

Lets get started, does not hurt to explore and see what lays ahead. I am here to assist and present you with options on your next home purchase. With over 20 years associated with mortgage business, it is important to have a professional working with you to ensure that you have a solid loan that will only work to keep you in the home.

I look forward in hearing from you very soon to update you on the loan options in today's lending environment like the VA home loan program that offers no money purchase loan in California.

Let's get started by completing a short inquiry form to know your options on this best performing purchase program. Click HERE to get started!



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