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First Time Homebuyer Down Payment Assistance Loan Program

July 25th, 2015 9:07 AM by Nathan Rufty

First Time HomeBuyer's Down Payment Assistance Home Loan Programs in San Bernardino County & Riverside County in the state of California, Call 909-503-5600.

You deserve to own a house, what is stopping you? If you have income coming into the household that has been claimed on your taxes for the past 3 years (down payment assistance home loan programs require 3 years of tax returns) you are starting off in the right direction. Income will be based on the amount the home loan applicant(s) earns for the past 3 years. There are maximum income limits depending on how many dependents will be living in the home and also based the county the home will be bought in. 

Credit is also a qualifying factor, the credit history and scores must meet the loan program the homebuyer is looking to qualifying for. The down payment assistance home programs in California are available to all the home loan programs with FHA, VA, USDA and Conventional. Some of the down payment programs require a certain score to obtain financing as well as a limited debt to income ratio qualification.

Funds to close a purchase escrow can come from a down payment assistance programs to help with closing cost as well, the term down payment is not just limited to the down payment, it can also be applied to the closing cost of the loan. Click HERE to see what down payment assistance home loan programs in California that you can take advantage of. 

It does not hurt to explore options on what you may or may not qualify for when looking to buy a house. At least you will know what steps you will need to address if you are unable to buy now, we can work on a blueprint to lead you in the right direction to make sure you are able to buy in the future. 

Do not delay on exploring opportunities to own a home, start HERE by completing the short inquiry form on what down payment assistance home programs are available in California for a first time homebuyers.

Call me direct at 909-503-5600 or email HERE to get started right away. I look forward in speaking or meeting with you soon.  



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