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How to buy a house in the mountain community in the San Bernardino County in Southern California. Want the ability to buy a house with no money for the down payment? Explore the USDA home loan purchase program.

Click on the Image Below to watch a video about the USDA home loan program that is available in Angelus Oaks, Big Bear City, Big Bear Lake, Blue Jay, Cedar Glen, Cedarpines Park, Crestline, Fawnskin, Forest Falls, Green Valley Lake, Lake Arrowhead, Lyle Creek, Rim Forest, Running Springs, Sky Forest, Sugarloaf, Twin Peaks and Wrightwood.

Limited on funds to buy a house, then the USDA home loan program may be the program for you. The property must be in an approved lending areas, watch the video to learn more about those approved lending areas. 

The benefits to the USDA purchase program is there is no money required for the down payment, can finance the closing cost if the appraised value comes in higher than the agreed upon purchase price. 

USDA program offers great rates to buy a house with limited funds to buy a house, if you are looking to buy an owner occupied property in California within San Bernardino County, what the enclosed video to learn about a great purchase program where you can own a home with very little money. 

Connect with me at 909-503-5600 to learn more about the USDA home loan program and see if this program is for you and if you qualify for the program. I look forward in hearing from you. 

Posted by Nathan Rufty on May 14th, 2024 6:06 AM
USDA home loan program will allow you to purchase a home in the state of California with no money, that's right 100% financing. We are making homeownership a reality in California with the USDA lending program. 

Click on the picture below to watch a video on where to find the approved designated areas of the county in which you are looking to purchase  a home in.

If you are limited on funds, then this is the program for you to purchase a home with. Lets explore your options on utilizing the USDA home loan program to purchase a property in California.
Posted by Nathan Rufty on January 24th, 2015 11:53 AM



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