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9 Things to Remove from Your Home Before Listing It For Sale!

September 8th, 2012 12:03 PM by Nathan Rufty

9 Things to Remove from Your Home Before You List Your Home For Sale in Rancho Cucamonga, California

Thinking of listing your home?

In addition to removing excess clutter in closets, drawers, the basement and garage, there are 9 things you should consider getting rid of or moving to another location before putting your home on the market.

  1. Personal paperwork – This includes bills, invoices, letters from government agencies, taxes, wills, etc. Maybe you currently store them in a file folder on your desk, A type of freestanding file or post on a bulletin board, remove them and place them in a safe place so potential buyers are not tempted to peek at them. It also helps to prevent identify theft.
  2. Money – You may have a coin jar where you deposit your loose change or dollars stuffed in a drawer for emergencies. Put them in a safe place for now.
  3. Weapons, guns, ammunition – Don’t just hide these…remove them from your home. If a potential buyer discovers your hiding place, they may wonder if the neighborhood is safe or they may unwittingly mention it to someone else (who might just be a thief).
  4. Coats & shoes – If you have a coat rack by the back door and a place where everyone takes off their shoes, you may want to remove them. A mess at the back door may mean that there’s not enough storage space. You want the area to look spacious and clean.
  5. Family photos – If you have a ton of framed photos sitting on a table, on the fireplace mantle, or hanging in a hallway, well, homebuyers can easily get distracted by them, including asking questions about the “sellers” living there now. The goal is to get them to view your home—not your pictures.
  6. Jewelry and valuables – In addition to putting away your jewelry and valuables, hide your jewelry box, your stamp or coin collection and your valuable antiques such as vases, figurines, or artwork.
  7. Medicines – don’t just hide it…remove it! There are many reports of both prescription and non-prescription medicine being stolen from listed homes.
  8. De-clutter countertops and tables – Removing almost everything from the countertops and tables (see #4 and #5) will make the home seem more spacious.
  9. Magnets on the refrigerator – De-clutter this area immediately!

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Posted by Nathan Rufty on September 8th, 2012 12:03 PM



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