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VA purchase home loan program in Yuma, Arizona, who does them

August 6th, 2020 8:58 AM by Nathan Rufty

We believe it’s important to help veterans in Yuma, Arizona, military service members, and their surviving spouses realize the dream of home ownership, and we’re honored to assist you through the process of obtaining a VA mortgage or VA home loan.


Created before the close of World War II, the VA home loan benefit has helped millions of veterans, service members and military families achieve the dream of homeownership. Today, in many ways, it's more important than ever.


VA loan volume has soared in the wake of the Great Recession, driven in large part by historically low rates and increasingly tougher lending requirements. The VA program provides significant financial benefits that make home buying possible for score of veterans who might not otherwise qualify.


Whether you are looking for a home Yuma, Arizona, or in a location elsewhere within Arizona State, we can help you understand and explore your financing options and find the home loan that’s right for you.


VA Mortgage Benefits in Yuma, Arizona

Private lenders (mortgage companies and banks) are the ones who provide VA home loans. However, if eligible, you can get more favorable terms on VA mortgages than you might with conventional mortgages. Why? Because the United States Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) guarantees a portion of the loans.


  • No Down Payment
  • No Private Mortgage Insurance
  • Looser Credit Requirements
  • Forgiving DTI Ratios
  • Curbing Closing Costs
  • Foreclosure & Bankruptcy


First Steps to Obtaining a Arizona VA Mortgage

The first step to obtaining a VA mortgage in Arizona is to determine if you’re eligible to participate. As experienced mortgage brokers, our home mortgage professionals are knowledgeable about the VA’s requirements, and the factors that might affect your eligibility such as length of military service and your duty status.


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