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Should I Sell My Rancho Cucamonga Home as a "For Sale By Owner" or Utilize the Services of a Realtor?

March 29th, 2014 10:44 AM by Nathan Rufty

Rancho Cucamonga Homes For Sale By Owner

The biggest question you should be asking yourself when you are looking to sell your home, should I sale my home myself or use a Real Estate Agent?

Selling your home without the assistance of a real estate agent can be an cumbersome task if you are unfamiliar with the process. That is were some services can come in to assist you with the process. There are many resources such as books, legal document forms, for sale by owner (FSBO) websites, escrow services and mortgage professionals are available to assist you to successfully sell your home. Do remember you always have the option to seek the services of a licensed real estate agent if the process becomes to overwhelming.?

The Pros of selling your home on your own:

  • Pocket more money since you are not using the services of a real estate agent
  • You can control the showing times of your home
  • Have complete control over the negotiation process
  • You can do what an agent does is terms of marketing your home for sale
  • Services with escrow, title and loan in some cases can be low
  • Can team up with a Loan Officer who knows how to market your home and that is a free service that I offer
The Cons on selling your home on your own:
  • Not knowing all the legal documents 
  • Not getting the mass exposure to sell your home for top dollar with the services of a licensed agent
  • Home can sit on the market longer
  • Time and effort that you will have to but into selling your home

Determining on selling your home will be a decision that is up to you and what time you wish to devote to the process. The longer a home sits on the market to sell as "For Sale By Owner" can be more damaging to the sells price. The biggest Pro on selling your home on your own is for the cost savings of 3% to 6% that you will need to pay to Realtors, so do it right the first time if you elect to so a FSBO. 

The services with the right escrow and mortgage professional is that we can assist with the legal forms, marketing (for free) and qualify the potential buyer so you are not wasting any escrow time with a buyer who does not qualify to purchase your home. We can also have a call capturing service that will collect all the calls of interest about your home so you are not answering hundreds of call about your home, that will free up time for you to spend time with your family. The call capturing service will let buyers know about your home so you are not schedule viewing times through out the week on uninterested buyers.

Selling your home as for sale by owner can very cost effective if done right the first time going in. If you try and do move forward with a low budget and half hazard attempt then except low results.

I welcome the opportunity to discuss the benefits of utilizing my service to sell you home as a for sale by owner. It does not cost anything to meet with me and see what value I can bring to help sell your home.

by Nathan Rufty

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Posted by Nathan Rufty on March 29th, 2014 10:44 AM



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