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Do I qualify for a FHA loan to purchase a home?

October 20th, 2012 10:28 AM by Nathan Rufty

Do I qualify for a home especially a FHA home loan program? That is a very good question to ask yourself. It is important to speak with a licensed mortgage professional to refer that question to, last thing you want to do to yourself is decline your efforts to purchase a home by listening to people or news about the mortgage industry who are not living and breathing the business each and every day like myself.

Despite what you may hear from family, friends, news, co-workers or another outside influences, people are still able to purchase or refinance a home in today's lending environment. If you are unable to purchase at this time because of credit or the funds to close escrow, lets discuss the best ways to improve those two sections and put you in the position to purchase in the coming months.

What you will need to purchase a home today through traditional methods.

  • Income that has been documented with supporting paper trail
    • W2s, 1099, Paystubs and 1040s
  • Credit, your over all credit is review that includes not just the credit scores but also what is in the body of the credit report
    • can review to see what ways to improve the overall report
  • Funds to close escrow, down payment and closing
    • can come for way of gift, 401K, checking, savings, CD, Money Market, Seller and Down payment assistance programs

With the interest rates as low as they have been for many many years, way lower than what they were when I got in the business some 20 years ago. You can find money any cheaper than today to finance a home, take the first step and contact me to discuss ways to purchase or refinance a home in California.

Experience a new and refreshing company who does care to assist you with a home purchase weather it be today or a year from now. Two things I want to deliver is the best customer service that one deserves and remain in communication with you through out the process. Purchasing a home can be challenging if you are not working with a licensed professional who enjoys what he or she does and that is working with happy people looking to own a home. A home can define a person and change ones out look on what they have to offer themselves and their family.

Take that step and see what it takes to purchase a home. Do not cheat yourself, if you are unable to purchase now, lets get you in the position to purchase down the line and I am willing to stay with you each step of the way as long as you are. I look forward in hearing from you, future homeowner.

Nathan Rufty, Licensed Mortgage Professional can be reached direct at 909-503-5600

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Posted by Nathan Rufty on October 20th, 2012 10:28 AM



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