Mortgage Calculators

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Rates and Payments Research

Calculate your payment and amortization schedule.

Compare multiple terms for a given principal and rate.

See how changes in your rate affect your payment for a given principal and term.

Find the APR on a fixed rate mortgage.

A balloon mortgage reduces your monthly payments on the short term.

Compare monthly payment amounts for an interest-only mortgage vs traditional.

Determine monthly payments and the effective interest rate (APR) for an ARM.

Budgeting Decision Tools

Find out if you qualify for a given mortgage & see amortization.

Set a high and low figure for a payment & see how it translates to a mortgage.

Save thousands of dollars in interest by increasing your monthly mortgage payment.

Calculate interest savings when you pay mortgage twice monthly rather than once.

Estimate tax savings earned by deducting interest and property tax payments.

Analysis For Renters

Find out how much a renter can save in taxes per year if they purchase a home.

Factor variables to see the real difference in renting versus buying.

Based on your current rent, find out how much of a mortgage you could afford.


Should you refinance your mortgage? How much will you save/earn?

Should you consolidate a first and second mortgage into a single mortgage?